Realization of Gas

MC "Ukrnaftoburinnya" sells natural gas of its own production, as well as other gas producing enterprises of Ukraine.
To purchase natural gas you can leave an application in the gas store or contact Andriy Kuyovda:
+38 (044 )225-77-75,

Sales of oil and gas condensate

"MC "Ukrnaftoburinnya" sells oil and gas condensate of the Sakhalin oil and gas condensate field.To purchase oil and/or gas condensate you can participate in the auction or contact Andrew Kvasha

+38 (044) 225-77-75,

Sale of electricity

MC Ukrnaftoburinnya sells electricity generated by the power system of Ukraine.
To purchase electricity you can contact Artem Shabayev
+38 (044) 225-77-75,