Working in harmony with nature

While achieving our main goal, which is developing the national hydrocarbon production and ensuring the energy security of the country, we take care of the environment. Obtaining affordable, reliable energy resources and protecting the environment is ensured by efficient production processes, state-of-art technologies and dedication of people. 2491.png


Our efforts to minimize the impact on the environment and, at the same time, increase the production of energy resources are based on the environment and environmental risk management system, which are aimed at:

  • responsible water resources management;
  • careful use of land resources;
  • industrial waste management.

We monitor our impact on the natural environment in a consistent manner and avoid exceedance of environmental emissions limits. Our economic goals are formed taking into account both environmental safety and social responsibility.

We sign a contract for

hydrochemical monitoring of water resources

We conduct

 chemical analyses

No damage

to the environment

We take

water samples

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