PJSC “MC “Ukrnaftoburinnya” is one of the leading private oil and gas producers in Ukraine. By volume of gas production in 2021, we entered the TOP-3 companies in the industry.

UNB today:

✔ ranks second among the largest private companies of Ukraine by volume of gas production

✔ is in the top 50 largest taxpayers of Ukraine

Thanks to an effective field development strategy, the use of advanced technologies and a highly professional team, the company has one of the highest reserves-to-production ratios in Ukraine.
We aim to achieve the energy independence of the country by increasing the production of gas and oil/condensate by private companies in Ukraine.

Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the development of the oil and gas industry and energy independence of Ukraine. In order to increase hydrocarbon production, we continuously invest in advanced drilling technologies, company personnel and our own management practices.

We prefer a balanced approach in our work, where every element is important: meeting the needs of shareholders and partners, developing the enterprise, ensuring the safety and health of employees, and social responsibility.



For the energy independence of Ukraine, we attract professionals with international experience, improve and implement advanced technologies and continuously invest in the development of knowledge


We are a team of professionals united by a common goal, mutual respect and understanding. With the cohesion and interaction of all departments and divisions, we confidently achieve the set goals


The commercial goal will not be fully achieved without its positive impact on the country's well-being. We are aware of this and fulfill our obligations to the state, partners, workers and society. We invest in the development of regions and take care of the environment

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Phone numbers

+38 (044) 225-77-75

+38 (044) 538-07-77


+38 (044) 225-53-35

Working hours

9.00 - 18.00 (Monday-Thursday)

9.00 - 16.45 (Friday)

Weekends: Saturday-Sunday

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