Geological exploration and production

We carry out geological exploration and commercial development of hydrocarbons of the Sakhalin field in accordance with a special permit for a period of 20 years.

  1. "Ukrnaftoburinnya carries out its production activities at the Sakhalin oil and gas condensate field
  2. A large-scale geological exploration program is being implemented as part of the commercial development.
  3. In 2015, 3D seismic exploration works were performed within the Sakhalin field.
  4. A well-known North American company was engaged to prepare seismic data for structural mapping, AVO analysis and seismic inversion.
  5. The obtained data will allow to analyze and choose the optimal strategy for exploration and development of the Sakhalin field reserves and plan drilling of additional wells

The Sakhalin field is located in the Krasnokutsk district of Kharkiv region and belongs to a number of medium-sized fields with a complex geological structure. Geostructurally, it is located in the northern instrumentation zone of the Dnipro-Donetsk depression.