MC Ukrnaftoburinnya is one of the leaders among private oil and gas production companies in Ukraine. According to the results of gas production in 2016, we entered the TOP-3 private gas producers.

The realization of this goal is a derivative of the successful implementation of the following strategic initiatives:

Active development of the Sakhalin oil and gas condensate field.

Sakhalin oil and gas condensate field is one of the most attractive fields in Ukraine with significant reserves and resources of natural gas, gas condensate and oil. The presence of a significant amount of hydrocarbons, geological surveys and 3D seismic works, experienced technical and geological personnel allows the Company to plan drilling of at least 6 new wells with a depth of 4,650 to 6,000 meters with a total capital investment budget of more than UAH 1 billion in 2016-2017.

Implementation and use of advanced technologies for drilling and development of wells.

The Company is developing the Sakhalin field by applying the world's leading drilling and well development technologies. The implementation of this strategic initiative includes both the direct implementation of modern world practices and the involvement of qualified personnel with experience in drilling, development and operation of wells. The Company also aims to apply advanced methods of hydrocarbon flow stimulation in the wells of the existing well stock. As a result of the implementation of innovative technologies, the Company plans to increase production, hydrocarbon recovery factor and reduce the time of drilling new wells by 50% from the existing level.

Increasing profitability through operational efficiency.

The Company focuses on continuous improvement of all business processes, including production, financial and management decision-making. One of the Company's priorities in the field of efficiency improvement is a thorough analysis of the entire range of capacitive-filtration properties of reservoir rocks in the context of the field. As a result of such analysis, the Company plans to carry out the optimal selection of flushing fluids (solutions, chemicals) during drilling and development of wells, which will increase their productivity and hydrocarbon recovery factor.