The company's primary objective is to increase hydrocarbon reserves, production volumes, and net cash flow from operations, and achieve an attractive return on invested capital. 2494.png

We accomplish this goal through the successful implementation of strategic initiatives:

Active development of the Sakhalin oil and gas condensate field

The Sakhalin oil and condensate field is one of the most promising fields in Ukraine, boasting significant reserves and resources of natural gas, gas condensate, and oil. With available hydrocarbon reserves, geological and 3D seismic surveys and the extensive expertise of our technical and geological staff, we operate the entrusted subsoil efficiently and effectively.

Implementation and utilization of advanced drilling and well completion technologies

We prioritize the development of the Sakhalin field by employing cutting-edge drilling and well development technologies. Implementation of the strategic initiative involves the direct implementation of international practices and the engagement of qualified personnel experienced in the field.

In the near future, the company also plans to introduce advanced methods to enhance hydrocarbon inflows in the wells of its existing stock. This will improve production efficiency, increase the hydrocarbon recovery factor, and reduce the drilling time for new wells by 50% compared to the current situation.

Increase profitability through operational efficiency

We are dedicated to improving our business processes including production, financial, and management decision-making.

By conducting a comprehensive analysis of reservoir rock capacitance and filtration properties within the field context, we enhance production performance. The optimal selection of flushing fluids (solutions, chemicals) during drilling and well development helps increase the hydrocarbon recovery factor and improve productivity.

Maintaining adequate financial liquidity and flexibility

We utilize proven methods of technical analysis and hydrocarbon price forecasting, enabling us to plan market operations with precision and minimize risks. The high-quality implementation of Ukrnaftoburinnya's management strategies ensures sustainable development and long-term success, which enhances the company's appeal to investors and partners.

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