Labor Protection and Industrial Safety

Safety is a way of life for PJSC “MC “Ukrnaftoburinnya”. We understand that our activities are associated with numerous health risks for our employees, contractors and residents of the surrounding areas. That is why we strive to create a safe and healthy environment for everyone who works with us, and to achieve this goal we invest in the necessary resources and infrastructure. 2495.png

Our entire team, from top management to production workers, adheres to the Occupational Health and Safety Policy introduced by the company and acts in strict accordance with its requirements.

We do not hide incidents, instead we analyze failures and implement appropriate measures to prevent mistakes. To improve industrial safety, we encourage staff by creating an environment in which employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and suggestions for improving working conditions. This approach not only identifies potential risks, but also cultivates a sense of participation and responsibility in each team member. Our security program permanently evolves adapting to new technologies, regulations and best practices. The company constantly invests in staff training, therefore, along with changes in the safety program, the skills and abilities of our employees develop.

The advanced Occupational Health Management System of Ukrnaftoburinnya is based on the international experience of the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP). The main principles of OHMS are:

Labour protection

Leadership and commitment
The top managers of Ukrnaftoburinnya show a steady interest in safety issues, set a fast pace and demonstrate high efficiency in implementing modern and safe production and drilling methods.
Laws, rules and regulations

We strictly comply with all legal regulations related to labor protection and industrial safety, take joint measures to control them, and evaluate and independently establish even more stringent requirements for the safety of our employees.

Risk management
We identify risks together with employees, the main consumers of the security system, take joint measures to control the risks and evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented actions.
Contractors and partners
For us, there is no difference between the safety of our own personnel and the safety of our partners' employees. To avoid incidents during mining and drilling, we establish close relationships with everyone we work with.
Skills and training
We have clear competency matrixes that we use in occupational health and safety training, and systems for monitoring the qualifications of employees, which allow us to constantly improve their skills in performing high-risk work.
Emergency preparedness
We do everything we can to prevent accidents, while investing in continuous training of personnel on how to act during crisis situations that may arise due to man-made and war events.
Life Saving Rules
The company has a list of main Rules, violation of which is strictly prohibited. Implementation of these rules reduces the risk of serious and fatal injuries among workers or accidents, fires, collapses and other situations.

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