We know that a company's success depends on its employees' success. That is why we put our talented people at the center of our activities and ensure their professional development.

Our people strategy is to attract the best professionals in the industry, and we understand that team development is a key element of business strategy. That is why our priority in the personnel policy is continuous support and an opportunity to realize professional potential and provide decent financial compensation for all employees.

Official employment
We invest in improving working conditions and comply with the labor legislation of Ukraine. We guarantee the social, economic and labor rights of employees.
We provide effective in accordance with standardized, transparent and understandable principles. We offer competitive renumeration based on the oil and gas market data.
Friendly team
We work in unison as a single mechanism. We are a team united by common values. We talk, joke, listen to colleagues, support each other. Managers at all levels care about the emotional and motivational state of the team.
Development of human resources
We strive to create such a working atmosphere in which everyone can reveal their best qualities. We provide opportunities for continuous development through training and professional development programs, we systematically update the training program of the personnel reserve and assess its readiness.
Comfortable workplaces
We improve the ergonomic comfort of our employees; we have comfortable areas for rest and communication. We create a cozy space for productive work and new ideas.

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