Ukrnaftoburinnya —

A private oil and gas production company

Top 3 in terms of gas and oil/condensate production in Ukraine

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PrJSC MC Ukrnaftoburinnya is one of the best private oil producers in Ukraine.

We are among the top three private oil producers, according to the 2021 gas production results.

We carry out geological exploration and commercial development of hydrocarbons at the Sakhalin field.

among private gas producers
32 wells
operating well stock
drilling depth

Geologic exploration and production

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The Company's production well stock consists of 28 wells with a depth ranging from 3,800 to 5,750 meters

We carry out geological exploration and commercial development of hydrocarbons in the Sakhalin field under a special permit for a period of 20 years.

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Social responsibility

We are focused on solving social issues and continuously work for the benefit of the country. We help educational and medical institutions, participate in infrastructure development (construction, road repairs) and economic growth of the region.

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Labour protection
Our employees’ safety is the main and unwavering value of the company. Therefore, the company has implemented high occupational health and safety standards. We regularly organize medical examinations of our employees, provide vaccinations and carry out disease prevention on our own and through a voluntary health insurance program

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Preserving the natural environment is a key focus of our work. We systematically monitor our impact on nature and take measures to minimize our environmental footprint and ensure the sustainability of natural resources

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