Auction rules

Please note that, unlike many other auctions, to participate in the auctions of PJSC “MC “Ukrnaftoburinnya”, it is not required to make a deposit as a guarantee of your good faith and responsibility.

PJSC “MC “Ukrnaftoburinnya” (Seller) trusts the Buyers and has no doubts that, when they offer the price for the purchase of the Goods, they are aware of the consequences of their actions and are ready to conclude a contract and fulfill the relevant contractual obligations.

Rules for participation in auctions of PJSC “MC “Ukrnaftoburinnya”

Dear customers!

To make our cooperation clear, transparent and mutually beneficial, we inform you about the Rules for participation in auctions held by PJSC “MC “Ukrnaftoburinnya” (hereinafter UNB auctions).

Key terms of UNB auctions:

Bid is a price offer for the purchase of the Goods.

Starting bid is the bid specified in the tender offer for participation in the auction. The goods are gas condensate, light hydrocarbon gas condensate, oil.

Bid volume is the maximum amount of Goods that the Buyer is ready to purchase at the bid price.

To participate in the auction, it is required to get accreditation. To get it, the documents, in accordance with the List and templates available on the website, must be sent to the e-mail:

Based on the results of the verification of the submitted documents, the customer is assigned the status of accredited or denied.

To participate in the auction, it is necessary to submit an Application for participation. There must be the starting bid and bid volume indicated in the application.

The starting bid, and all further accepted bids, is your commercial proposal (offer) with the obligations to be fulfilled.

It is possible to join the auction at any time within the auction period by submitting an Application.

During the auction, the participant can take the following actions:

  • accept the offered bids in order to purchase the required volume;
  • while accepting the bids, to change the bid volume;
  • not to accept the offered bid, so the Starting Bid will be the "Final Bid".

If the participant doesn’t set a "Final Bid" during the auction, the last supported Bid is accepted as the "Final Bid".

After "Final Bid" is declared, the participant may not respond to the following bids.

Before the end of the auction, the participant can review his "Final bid". In this case, he must untick in "Final bid" and save the current Auction bid.

The auction participant cannot refuse to purchase the Goods (to conclude a contract) on the terms "Final bid".

Since the application is a price offer that does not include the volume at this bid price, the Buyer, by participating in the auction, undertakes to purchase the volume offered by the Seller at the "Final bid" price. This volume may be less than or equal to the Volume at the "Final Bid".

The Buyer has the right to accept or reject the Seller's offer, or make a counteroffer.

If the Seller and the Buyer fail to reach the agreement, the contract will be concluded for the final bid volume.

Refusal to conclude a contract at the "Final bid" is a violation of the Rules for participation in auctions, which entails cancelling the access to UNB auctions for a period of 1 to 3 months.

The bid increment and frequency of bids are determined by the site administrator and may change during the auction.

Applying for participation in the auction of PJSC “MC “Ukrnaftoburinnya”

To participate in the auction, it is required to submit an Application for participation, where the Starting Bid and the Volume for bidding are indicated.

The Application can be submitted only after you log in. If you went through the registration procedures before applying, you need to enter your login and password and submit your application.

If you have not registered before, you must sign in (leave contact information about yourself and the legal entity you represent). We need this information to contact you during the auction.

In the registration form of a legal entity, the required fields are marked with a "*". For submitting an application, filling out all other fields is not required, but desirable, because it will speed up the preparation of the draft contract based on the details you have entered.

The application you sent must be activated by the auction administrator. It takes 2-5 minutes after the application is submitted.

Participation in the auction of PJSC “MC “Ukrnaftoburinnya”

You have joined the auction and you see the current bid offered for consideration.

You can:

  • not to accept the offered Bids, but only to follow the course of bidding;
  • accept the offered Bid by clicking "Accept bid";
  • offer you own price.      

By accepting a bid, you can edit the quantity at the bid.

If you accept the bids during the auction, the last bid you accept will be considered the "Final Bid". 

Closing the auction and auction results

The auction finishes automatically when the time expires, unless it has been extended by the administrator. The time and number of auction extensions are not limited and depend on how active the auction participants are.

The result of the auction is sent for consideration and approval to the management of PJSC “MC “UKRNAFTOBURINYNA”.

You can find the results of the auction after it is closed in your personal account. You will be notified of the price and quantity by email.

If you have any questions, please contact Andriy Kuiovda

Working hours of the company:
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  • Fr – 09:00-16:45
  • Sat - Sun – Weekends