One of the largest private gas producers in Ukraine, PrJSC MC Ukrnaftoburinnya, plans to expand its production geography in Ukraine beyond the Sakhalin field. This was announced by Milenko Tsymich, Director of Production and Development at UNB, in an interview with the business portal.

"With our current capabilities, we can keep production at the same level, without a decline, for about two years. But we need to scale up. As long as the existing fields are profitable, these finances need to be used to grow and attract new reserves. This is not organic growth, but rather extensive growth: through auctions, acquisitions of other companies or license areas, etc. We need to expand our resource base,"

- he says.

For example, Milenko sees potential in fields in western Ukraine:

"Due to the shallower depth of deposits in this region, financial risks are much lower. One exploration well in the east means three exploration wells in western Ukraine. I think there are many more opportunities there." However, he stresses that the company is looking at different ways to expand.

The company is already applying technical innovations to find overlooked hydrocarbon reserves. "One of the many new approaches we are now using in the Sakhalin field is the petrophysics approach. We have completed a petrophysical model, then we will overlay it on the existing 3D seismic, which we will re-process. We will combine geophysics and petrophysics, which is not a new process, but it all depends on how thorough and detailed it is,

- explains Milenko Tsymich.

UNB is already getting the first results from the new approaches: the company has successfully drilled and completed well No. 22. The initial daily flow rate was 280 thousand cubic meters of natural gas and 30 tones of condensate on a 9 mm connection. "To determine the well location, we used a petrophysical approach based on the correlation of synthetic logs and the characterisation of reservoir flow units," says Milenko Tsymich.

In his opinion, UNB combines international geological expertise and highly qualified professionals. This is a company with which you can successfully implement commercial projects in partnership. "UNB has a good team. This applies not only to geology, but also to drilling, production, finance... These are people with whom I feel very comfortable," sums up Milenko Tsymich.