PrJSC MC Ukrnaftoburinnya has successfully completed the repair work to convert well No. 54 of the Sakhalin OGCF from gas-lift to pumping by installing a submersible rod pump (SRP).

The following works were carried out:

- tubing replacement and lowering of the locking support;

- run down a 25-150 RHBM-30-6-0-0 rod submersible pump to a depth of 3,251 metres, the deepest run down of a submersible pump in Ukraine;

- re-tie-in of the wellhead for the operation of the coiled tubing unit;

- installation of surface equipment - Maximizer III 912-365-192 HM w/BL series rocking machine with control cabinet.

The contractors were BudproektServis LLC for the design of the wellhead rework, Innovative Engineering Solutions LLC for construction and installation works, Oranta LLC for workover operations, Weatherford Ukraine LLC for the supply of the coiled tubing unit and supervision of the underground and surface equipment.

The workover and installation operations to convert the well to the ESP were completed within 16.5 days.

"The conversion of the well to the USHGN pumping method allowed us to ensure an average daily production rate of 14.1 tonnes of oil and 2.2 thousand cubic metres of gas, which is 5.1 tonnes of oil and 1.1 thousand cubic metres of gas more than the gas lift method. The change in the well operation method also made it possible to eliminate additional costs associated with the treatment of the gas lift gas and its inefficient use. The ESP is equipped with an intelligent control system with a frequency drive and a remote control and monitoring system. UNB is making a confident step towards using the most efficient technologies and equipment for well operation,"

commented Milenko Tsymich, Chief Production and Development Officer of PrJSC MC Ukrnaftoburinnya.