Production and geology

  • Oil and gas preparation facility (OGPF) is one of the key production assets.

  • The main function of OGPF is preparation of natural gas for its supply into the pipeline system and preparation of oil for the sales to customers through the filling terminal.

  • The OGPF structure has its own laboratory, which ensures continuous quality control of liquid hydrocarbons.

Sakhalin field

Sakhalin field is located in the Krasnokutsk area of Kharkov region and belongs to medium-sized fields with a complex geological structure. In terms of geostructural mapping, it is located in the northern near-flank zone of Dnieper-Donetsk basin.



  • UNB conducts production activity on the Sakhalin oil, gas and condensate field.

  • We realize large-scale program of exploration works within the industrial development of the filed.

  • In 2015 3D seismic surveys were performed.

  • Reputed North American company was attracted to prepare the seismic data for structural mapping, conducting AVO-analysis and seismic inversion.

  • The obtained data will allow to analyze and choose the optimal strategy for resources exploration and extraction, and to plan drilling of new wells.


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