Gas condensate sale

UNB sells gas condensate of own production via open auctions. 

In case of your interest in gas condensate purchase we invite you to participate in the auctions.

Announcements of auctions are presented below.

UNB offers gas condensate of 3 types depending on quality parameters and place of shipment.

Quality of gas condensate is determined by the quality certificates which are available on this site.

The following names are used for gas condenstae identification: Sakhalin gas condensate, Sirius gas condensate, Devon gas condensate. 

You need to complete registration to participate in an auction.

Terms and rules for conducting of an auction are placed on this page.
Quality of oil is stated in the quality certificates. 

Key terms of an agreement for gas condensate supply:

1. 100% prepayment within a period determined by an auction terms.

2. Shipment terms - FCA Gas Preparation Plant 2 or Gas and Oil Preparation plant of Sakhalin field (shipment by purchaser's motor transport).

3. Shipment period is determined by an auction terms. Shipment is effected by equal shipments within shipment period.

4. Gas condensate pouring is made from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m.

5. Gas condensate shipment is effected according to the following regulation documents:

 - Instruction on receipt, transporation, storage, shipment and accounting of oil and oil products at the companies of Ukraine (approved by the order of the Ministry of fuel and energy of Ukraine #281/171/578/155, dated 20 May 2008).

 - Instruction on quality control of oil at the companies of Ukraine (approved by the order of the Ministry of fuel and energy of Ukraine #271/121, dated 4 June 2007).

 - Rules of cargo transportation by motor transport (approved by the order of the Ministry of transport of Ukraine #363 dated 14 October 1997.

Please refer to a draft contract (available on the sire) for other terms and conditions of gas condensate purchase.

Any changes and additions to the typical contract are not allowed. Contract shall be signed as drafted by the seller.    

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