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PrJSC “MC “Ukrnaftoburinnya” is one of the leading private oil and gas production companies in Ukraine. In 2017, based on gas production results we were ranked among top 3 private gas production companies.



Our mission is to make a significant contribution to the development of oil and gas complex and energy independence of Ukraine. We are investing in advanced drilling technologies, personnel and management practices in order to increase production of hydrocarbons.

We strive to be as efficient as possible for shareholders and partners, taking care of the interests of our employees and the community.

We carry out exploration and commercial development of hydrocarbon deposits of Sakhalin field under the special permit for 20 years.




  • 01010
  • Ukraine, Kyiv, Moskovska St., 32/2
  • info@unb.ua
  • Phone: +38 044 225-77-75, +38 044 538-07-77
  • Fax: +38 044 225-53-35

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