Ukrnaftoburinnya Successfully Completed the Well Workover


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Ukrnaftoburinnya Successfully Completed the Well Workover

News / 15.08.2018

Ukrnaftoburinnya successfully repaired well №25 at the Sakhalin field. After the end of production of the target zone in the well, a major workover was carried out for the purpose of recompletion of the upper gas zone.

The contractors were Nadrahydroburmash Ltd., Weatherford Ukraine Ltd., and Geo Well Services Ltd.

An initial gas flow of 100 thousand m3 and eight tons of condensate per day were obtained as a result of the well completion.

“Investments in well workovers are one of the main conditions for increasing hydrocarbon production at the field. From this well, we plan to extract about 15 million m3 of gas by the end of the year.” – Volodymyr Novikov, Head of the Geology Department.

As a reminder, PrJSC MC Ukrnaftoburinnya has already drilled three new wells in 2018. Thus, the production rate at the field has exceeded 2 million m3 of gas per day.


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